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Are you an athlete dealing with an injury or retirement?

Are you feeling like your identity is gone and are having self-esteem issues?

Are you having trouble coping with the stress of your new life?

Are you having family issues since you are home all the time?

Now is the time to get a new type of coach. When you hire me to be your Strategic Life Coach, we will work together so you are able to find the answers within yourself. You will learn to fix your problems and take control of your life. You will also become better skilled at coping with your problems while still having someone to support you and hold you accountable.

We will first start with allowing yourself to be sad and angry while learning how to empower yourself with new skills.

You will learn to:

  • Deal with what is happening and live a “regular” life
  • Set new goals for yourself
  • Learn how to maintain a positive attitude and be patient with the process
  • Develop new skills such as time-management and family balance
  • Find your new passion in life


My coaching is a customized personal developmental process that builds on the capabilities of the athlete to achieve short and long-term goals. The Coaching is conducted through one-on-one interactions either in person or via internet. It is driven by gathering information with respect and trust, and then working together to achieve maximum personal performance.

I provide objective observation and reflection of your situation, so you can see more clearly your options and strategies going forward. I provide an effective approach that utilizes proven methods combined with an individually designed program to ensure you achieve the strategic outcomes you had in mind that are critical to your life and success.



Together we will create a custom plan for you that will target your post athletic goals, focus on your personal wellness along with any additional areas we agree needs to be addressed.

Together we will decide the length of time and frequency of coaching to give you the value and guidance you need. The strategic coaching plan uses personal assessments and skill training that will strengthen your emotional skills and give you new thought process. It will be focused on your wellness and provide positive momentum to impact your life.


Free 30 minute consultation - In person, Skype or Zoom.

**Plan Fees are due before the beginning of the session. I will email you an invoice.

*Monthly payment options are due at the beginning of each month before the future sessions begin.

*All billing is invoiced via pay-pal.

My fees may be tax deductible as a business expense.

Please check with your CPA.