Life is like fishing.

When I was younger, I lived in Ohio and my family, and I would go camping a lot in the summer. I loved to fish when we went camping, that plus the campfires were the best. Sometimes we would fish from the lakeshore or we would go out in our boat and fish. I could fish for hours. I had a red fishing pole that I just loved. My bait was rubber worms and my rule was: “whatever I caught, I would let go, no one was allowed to eat it.” I didn’t get to fish a lot in Ohio, only in the summertime when we went camping or went down to the Ohio river to fish.

When I was 12, we moved to Florida. My parents bought a house on a little lake. It was awesome. I could fish all the time. My dad made us a dock and our neighbors sold us a paddleboat. My brother and I fixed it up really nice so we could go out in the lake. I would take that paddle boat out to the middle of the lake almost every day after school and drop anchor and fish until my mom called me in for dinner. That was my “me” time. My adventure time.  I didn’t know if I was going to catch a fish or not. Most of the time I didn’t but every once in a while I did.

As I said, I could fish for hours and I didn’t really care if I caught anything. I just liked the challenge and the opportunity to be outside. I remember once when we still lived in Ohio, we went on a long camping trip to one of the lakes. I had been fishing for days without even a single bite. But I kept getting up every morning and going to my spot and fish. My dad asked me why did I keep fishing? How come I wasn’t giving up.  I told him “if I don’t throw my line out there, I will never catch anything. Plus, I didn’t care if I caught anything, I was having fun. I couldn’t give up.”

Well, I didn’t catch anything on that trip, but I did make friends. We had fellow campers ask about my progress on their evening walks. Some of them even let me fish from their campsite to see if that would work. I had a great time. People were giving me different types of bait and everyone was cheering for me.

I am telling you this story because I think life is like fishing. Like fishing things don’t always happen as fast as you want it to and sometimes you don’t get the “so called fish”.

Now a days everyone seems to want instant gratification. It is sad. They are not enjoying the journey they are on. They are missing out on the adventure of life or they just give up to easy.

Sometimes it takes being patient.  Sometimes we might need to try a new “fishing” spot or get different “bait”, but we keep trying for that goal the “big fish”.

All I can say is keep throwing your line out there, you never know what you might catch.

You should also make sure you are around people who are helping you and happy when you finally reach your goal or real in your big catch.

Happy Fishing!

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