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I saw a post on Instagram today that really bothered me. I usually just ignore the posts because I am trying to remain neutral and not express my opinion to “trigger” anyone. I am on Instagram to promote my Life Coaching business and post quotes that make people think about how to change their life in a positive way. However, today a post just really got to me. So, I am going to speak out and I honestly do not care if I offend someone because this is who I am and what I think even though my type of voice is usually bullied to keep shut. I am tired of being called names and someone telling me how I should think and that I should give up my rights.

In the post, a woman accused gun owners of not having “human decency”,  and the gun owners, are upset and mad about “Beto saying he’s going to take your big boy toy away is how mad you were supposed to be every time someone’s child was murdered”. 

All I can say is “WOW” really.

She does not know how I think, and she does not know me to say that I have no human decency. Just because she is ok with someone taking away her freedoms and rights does not mean I am ok with it and I am not going to allow it to happen. Once you start giving up any right, especially to the government, you are giving up – your freedom, your pride, and your personal power. 

I am upset with Beto saying he is going to take away our guns. I am also very mad and upset about what happened in the schools and other mass shootings. However, it is not the gun that killed. It is the sick individual that killed, and people need to remember that. You do not have the right to take my gun away because someone else is sick and mentally ill. That’s right, I said they are mentally ill. To me we should all be angry that the mentally ill are not getting the help that they need. If someone is going to kill, they are going to kill with or without a gun. They are sick and they are not right in the head. Stop pretending it can all be fixed if we just take way guns is so irresponsible.

I have a gun and I am mad at someone thinking that I cannot own a certain type of gun because someone else isn’t responsible for their own actions. I am tired of people blaming the gun. Blame the person who shot the gun. Blame society for NOT making people accountable for their actions. It seems to me that people today don’t have to be responsible for anything. It’s always someone else’s fault or something else’s fault. It’s the guns fault. It’s the drug companies’ fault. It’s the colleges fault that I have student debt. It’s never the persons fault. That is the problem with society today. There is No Personal responsibility. It’s just Blame, blame, blame.

We will not stop the killings by taking away guns. Most importantly, we cannot ignore this problem. We need to band together to help the mentally ill and people who are troubled. We need to teach people to be accountable for their actions. People need to realize that it is ok to ask for help and get counseling. It is up to everyone to take action when they see a person who needs “mental” help and support. There are always warning signs. We as society need to stop putting our heads in the sand and Stop being afraid to call it for what it is – mental illness. Something about the person that just isn’t right.

If we want to keep our kids and love ones safe, then we do not have the right to worry about being politically correct when it comes to someone’s mental health. We need to help our families, our teachers, our policemen and women, and give them the support and tools to help someone who is troubled. We cannot ignore the problem anymore.

It is our responsibility, not the government, to help the people who are hurting and feel they need to take such drastic actions to kill. However, we also need to realize that unfortunately there is just Evil in the world as well.

So, Please, do not judge me because I am a gun owner and think that I do not care. And most definitely, do not think you or anyone else, have the right to take my gun away. I am a responsible gun owner and someone who paid for their own college. I will not allow my rights and freedoms to be taken away just because someone else isn’t responsible for their actions and choices.

That is why I am upset when Beto says, he is going to take my gun away.

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