The 7 major life areas and why it is important to keep them in balance.

We each have a choice about how we invest or waste the time that is given to us. We all have moments when we allow others to cause us to react emotionally, especially in frustration or anger. This usually happens when we are not getting the things we want. When we become entrenched in a high stress, busy and calendar filled lifestyle, we tend to get stressed and anxious and start feeling out of balance. We easily fail to recognize even the most practical options that are available for us to bring calm and balance back in our lives.

Without a clear focus on our guiding values and priorities, each of us runs a real risk of causing stress and frustration in our life. We are unable to remain focused on goals or what we want.

That is why we need to be aware of the 7 major life areas that affect our life. It is important understand how they are worth regular consideration any time we are about to devote time and energy to a new given pursuit.  Every one of us prioritizes these areas differently. We also might be good or in balance in some areas and struggling in others. The 7 areas are:

  1.  Social and Family Relationships
  2. Career & Education Aspirations
  3. Money & Personal Finances
  4. Health, Recreation & Leisure
  5. Life’s Routine Responsibilities
  6. Contribution & Giving Back to Society
  7. Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Health

Those in life, who learn to manage themselves and their time are those who usually go on to accomplish great things and reach their life’s goals. People often assume that achieving life balance is about making radical life changes, but this is seldom true. Radical life changes will always take time and can often be difficult to implement.

That is why I recommend and believe it is wiser to adopt the mantra “one step at a time,” because making minor adjustments in our main life areas can end up having a huge long-term impact.

People with a healthy life balance have clear prioritization between work and lifestyle. It is important to remember that life balance is an ongoing process and not just a means to an end. Life balance is much more than merely stating that you want something to happen but is more about indicating the specifics of what you are GOING TO MAKE happen! So, it is important that you define the specific goals that you have for each of your main life areas, so you have more success in achieving your goals.

Remember, it is up to you to take the initiative to make use of every opportunity that comes your way. Because if you do not you stand the risk of being stuck in a life of emotional pain and unbalance – and no one wants this!

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