Do you believe in time travel? So how many times did you time travel today? You are probably thinking this woman is crazy. There is no time machine to take us back in time or into the future like the movie “Back to the Future” which by the way are great movies to spend a night or raining Saturday binge watching. I am talking about our time traveling with our thoughts. How many times do you think about the past?

Maybe you are reliving a happy moment. You think about an anniversary. We as American’s just spent all last week remembering WW2 and D-Day. That is a form of time travel. Time travel is when our thoughts are focused on the past or even the future. It is amazing how quick we can go there without even trying. We can easily slip into those memories or even dreams of the future. Doing time traveling can be fun or nostalgic or hopeful of what may be, but it can also be a way for us to get stuck. What if what we are thinking about in the past is holding us back from what we want to be
doing now?

Staying stuck in the past whether it is focusing on a good memory or bad can be harmful to our emotional growth and our accomplishments. It is ok to learn from the past but that is the past. It is ok to look forward into the future and try to reach your goals. But sometimes that is keeping us from
seeing what is going on around us now. All you have right now is now. Are you going to miss out on what you have going on now because you cannot get over the past or you are too future focused to see what you have right now to be grateful for?

Remember you can wake up one day and ask yourself how did I get here? Is this even where I want to be? I missed out on so many things. Don’t let this be what holds you back, the regrets of what you missed out on.

Like the saying goes: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, which is why we call it the present.”

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