To choose or not to choose?

I was talking to my neighbor the other day and she was telling me that she was feeling sad and unmotivated, so she went to her doctor, a general practitioner. He told her that she was depressed and gave her some pills. So, me being me, started asking her questions. How do you know you are depressed? She gave me a funny look and said because I feel sad and I don’t have any motivation to do anything. Then I asked her why are you feeling this way? She started getting mad and said I don’t know but now I have energy to do things since I started taking the pills.  I asked her another question, don’t you want to know why you are feeling sad and unmotivated?  Needless to say, she got upset and changed the subject and started to talk about the other neighbors on the cul-de-sac.

This conversation got me thinking. Why do people choose to go to a doctor or general practitioner when they are feeling an emotion?  Doctors are supposed to be there for people when they have something wrong with their physical body. Why do people expect a doctor to “fix” an emotional problem they might be having? Do people think doctors are trained to deal with emotions or feelings? I know sometimes when a person is experiencing a certain emotion long enough it can physically affect their body and make the person physically sick so then they go to a doctor. But what about that emotion that the person was feeling. Did that go away?

My thoughts are our Emotions are not an illness, but a sign that something might be wrong in our life. When people feel stressed or anxious, they have problem. This is a warning sign like I have written about before that is telling us that we have a problem. So, if you are ready to listen to the warning signs of emotions and want to take the step to get help, please think about who you want to “help fix” the problem. You can talk to a coach or counselor who is trained do deal with emotional issues, or you can go to a doctor. Your choice.

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