What is your music playlist?

What is the Music Playlist of your “Life” – I did something new this weekend and went to see a play. It was pretty good for a musical. It was called the “Marvelous Wonderettes”. It was about 4 women who were the musical entertainment for their prom set in the year 1958.  All the songs they sang were from that era and all related to what was going on in each of their lives. The second part of the play was set 10 years later when they went to their class reunion in 1968.  Of course, those songs were from the 60’s and were also relevant to what the ladies were experience at that stage in their life. Most of the songs they sang were about love and loss. This got me thinking, what is the “playlist of my life” right now.

I really enjoy listening to music and can listen to almost anything. I like to use Spotify and I have created some playlists. I have one called “Workout”, one called “Romantic” and one called “New Year’s Eve”. The new year’s one is a mix of songs that I created for a New Year’s Eve party that included people ranging from 85 – 12 years old. Let me just say there is a large variety of music that is in this playlist and probably the one I listen to most. Anyways to get to my point of the playlist of my life right now, I wondered what type of music theme I want to play.  I have known people whose playlist should be the music from a scary movie because they are living in fear. I’ve known people whose songs are all country songs because they are always down in the dumps.  I’ve met people who are living in a comedy where they seem happy all the time so they would have happy music. I have also known people who are stuck in a mystery movie because they have no clue what to do or what is going to happen next so their playlist is music that can be a little tense or music that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

While I was thinking about people’s playlists, I realized that I have set certain ringtones on my phone for the people in my life. My purpose for this was so that I would know who is calling and if I wanted to answer the phone. Now don’t judge me, we all sometimes don’t want to answer our phone when we see a person’s name pop up on our phone screen. Anyways, I noticed that I set the songs to match their personalities or the “playlist they carry around”.  A lot of my ringtones are actual songs that I was able to download. For example, I have a friend always looking for a man, so her song is “Holding Out for a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler. My other friend is a drama queen and honestly sometimes I dread when she calls so I have her ring tone set to the beginning of Beethoven’s 5th symphony. I have a friend whose ringtone is “Nothing But a Good Time” from Poison because that is how he lives his life. I am sure you get the point.

So back to my original question: what is the music playlist of your life and what ringtone do you think your friends would choose for you?  By the way to answer the question for myself, my playlist right now would come from an adventure movie like “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.  And, the ringtone I want my friends to use is “Man I Feel Like a Woman” by Shania Twain.

Take care and thank you!


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